Ammunition Ordering Policy

Steps to buying ammunition and firearms on

Buying ammunition for a licensed firearm:

  • Shop at  my  retail store Anglerscurse, located at Lacca, Mianister, Croom Co.Limerick, V35HD50
  • Shop in my  online site , where you can buy and we can deliver,  at
  • There is a process to this so please be advised that strict adherence is necessary.
  • Please note you must to be a resident in the Republic of Ireland to purchase ammunition online from

Guidelines for buying ammunition online from


  • Ammunition can only be bought for a firearm that you have a valid licence for.  You can only purchase up to the maximum number of cartridges or rounds for your firearm stated on your license.
  • You must supply us with your Scanned Colour Copies of your Firearms Licence & Valid Photo ID by E-mail.
    1. Clearly scan or take a clear readable photograph of both sides of your firearm license.
    2. Clearly scan or take a clear readable photograph of one form of your photo identification as the licensed firearm owner. This ID can be a valid passport, driver’s licence or alternatively if you prefer your public services card.
    3. Please add the phrase “My licence details” to the Subject line of the E-mail. Email both your firearm licence and photo I.D. to
    4. As well as presenting the gun license, another form of photo identification (passport or driving license) has to be shown to secure delivery of the ammunition.
    5. Once you have sent us a copy of your gun licence & Photo I.D. it will be stored on our secure Licence system for future ammunition purchases for your licensed gun.
    6. If you have any questions about the above process please contact at 087-2765727  or by e-mail to